Review: Last Couple Standing

Oh yes I DID binge this in 1 day! Let me tell you about this juicy read…😳

This was my first binge read of 2020. I may have neglected some household tasks the day I read it, and I may have ignored my kids just a smidge, and hey, I might have even closed my office door at lunch so I could sneak in a couple pages without someone coming in and asking me stuff about “Patient Care” and “Medical Education” but NO REGRETS (I am joking. I do not ignore my patients or trainees to read. Very often). This story is about four couples who have been friends since college. They are now hitting 40, and three of the four couples have divorced. The last couple standing, Mitch and Jessica, decide to try something unique to keep their marriage fresh: they’ll relax some rules about fidelity—but they set boundaries! They discuss expectations honestly! They agree there will be NO emotional entanglements. What could go wrong?

I’ve read other books with a similar premise, but where this one shines is the storytelling and voice. I was hooked in the first chapter; I knew I was in for an irreverent, funny, and (I hoped) thoughtful and heartfelt ride. It delivered! It’s also pretty sexy, so that was nice. 😳 😂 What I liked best is that these characters felt like people I know; they are exactly my age, married professionals with kids, and I saw so much of my life reflected in the book. I highly recommend it to anyone else in this stage of life, or those who love books about marriage and sex and the ways we humans like to mess it all up. I think it would make a fantastic book club selection.

Thanks @netgalley and @penguinrandomhouse for the digital copy in exchange for an honest review. This releases 3/17 so mark your calendars!

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