Review: Regretting You

I really don’t know what Colleen Hoover’s secret is. Her prose is straightforward and her plots aren’t full of twists and turns. But every single time I read one of her books, I CANNOT put it down. I think it’s the way she draws the reader right into the character’s perspective so you feel every emotion with them. I ended up binge-reading this in two sittings.

The other thing I love about Colleen Hoover is that she doesn’t write cookie-cutter romance. Regretting You is unique in that it’s told in alternating mother/daughter points of view. Morgan Grant and her sixteen-year-old daughter, Clara, have a complicated relationship that grows more complicated when Chris, Morgan’s husband and Clara’s father, is suddenly killed in a car accident. His death exposes long-buried secrets that have heartbreaking consequences.

Reeling from grief, each finds comfort in unexpected places, leading to two compelling (and yes, swoon-worthy) love stories. But the real love story is between mother and daughter, as they navigate their relationship and their new life. I haven’t read many mother/daughter stories and each of their perspectives resonated with me.

This was a big winner for me! This is classic CoHo and is sure to appeal to her huge fan base, as well as attract new ones. I recommend clearing your schedule, because you’ll want to read this one straight through.

(Digital copy provided by the publisher via @netgalley in exchange for an honest review and then was later gifted a physical copy by Lake Union)

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