Review: The Family Upstairs

I cannot get enough of Lisa Jewell’s brand of twisty, creepy suspense. When Libby Jones turns twenty-five years old, she learns that she has inherited a house from her birth parents. A very expensive, beautiful house with a dark secret: her birth parents, along with an unknown man, were found dead of an apparent suicide pact.

Libby, a baby at the time, was found upstairs in her crib, alone but well cared-for. This is the first Libby has ever heard of this story, and she’s determined to unravel the mystery: why did her parents kill themselves? Were they members of a cult, as many suggested? And who took care of Libby during the days after their death?

This is more of a mysterious family drama than a thriller, and I think if you go in with that knowledge, you’ll love it. The story starts off rather slowly, then unravels in a perfectly chilling and captivating way, as we slowly piece together the mystery of what happened to Libby’s family.

I adore Jewell’s writing, her quirky characters, her spot-on knack for dialogue. The setting and atmosphere was impeccable—this creepy old house and it’s secrets gave me the chills!—and I stayed up waaaay past my bedtime finishing it.

Releases November 5 in the US!

Big thanks to Atria for the advanced copy! My opinions are my own.

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