Review: The Doll Factory

Sometimes you just need to walk on the dark side. This novel, set in Victorian London, introduces us to an eccentric taxidermist named Silas and a beautiful but haunted painter named Iris.

When they meet by chance, Silas becomes obsessed with Iris and determined to have her. The reader watches, horrified and transfixed, as Silas inches ever closer to Iris while his obsession grows. Meanwhile, Iris falls in love with a dashing young painter and begins to pursue her own artistic interests.

And then when he finally catches up to her…well, you’ll just have to read it.

This book captivated me entirely for three days while I immersed myself in it. The writing was exquisite, the setting expertly rendered. I could smell Silas’s laboratory and hear the squalor of the city. I’ve never read anything like it and while I wanted more from the ending, I am very glad I read it! Recommended for readers who enjoy historical fiction, obsessive stalkers, and art!

(Many thanks to Atria for my gifted copy. All opinions are my own.)

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