Review: The Reckless Oath We Made

Zee is a scrappy, nearly six-foot-tall redhead who loves her family fiercely, despite their dysfunctional history. Gentry is her self-described “champion”, a man who hears voices, speaks in Middle English and is building a literal castle. He’s respectfully followed her around (mostly from a distance) for two years, but when Zee’s sister goes missing with a couple of escaped white supremacist prison inmates, Gentry comes to her aid. They band together to find Zee’s sister and along the way face heartbreaking decisions—both as individuals and together—that will forever shape their future.

Friends, this book was a stunner! I am in awe of the author’s ability to create complex, vibrant characters that you can’t help rooting for. The story is set in a rural Kansas town, and Zee’s family lives right on the edge of poverty. The descriptions of her mother’s house almost made me weep. Gentry is a truly wonderful character—and yes, his chapters are written in Middle English but do not fret, fair maidens: they are lovely, compassionately and tenderly written.

The relationship that develops between Zee and Gentry is compelling and unique—and be prepared for a moderate amount of steam. No spoilers, but I would have liked more from them at the end. I didn’t know what to expect going into this, and it surpassed my expectations. This is the kind of book that leaves you missing the characters like you’ve just said goodbye to your own friends.

Highly recommended!

I received a free copy from Putnam. All opinions are my own.

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