Review: Stolen Things

I was hooked from the first pages: when 911 dispatcher Laurie receives the worst call of her career—from her own teenage daughter, who is disoriented and alone in an unknown location. The police department springs to action, including Laurie’s husband who is the chief of police. But after they find Jojo, the real questions begin: why did she end up in the home of a professional football player? Who assaulted her? As Laurie and Jojo search for answers, they uncover a complicated conspiracy that neither of them could have imagined.

I loved it! RH Herron has created vivid, relatable characters and a world that feels wholly authentic. Her years of experience as a 911 dispatcher are evident. While the story explores some heavy topics (police brutality, black lives matter, sexual assault, toxic friendship, marriage, and betrayal, among others) the pacing never drags or gets bogged down. I read this in about three days and thoroughly enjoyed my time with it. RH Herron is an author to watch! Recommended for fans of suspense and crime fiction.

I received a physical copy and a digital copy from the publisher (Dutton books and Netgalley) in exchange for an honest review. Releases August 20!

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