Review: The Chain

Are you ready for some pulse-pounding, grab-you-by-your-throat thrills?

This book sucked me in with the first page: a thirteen-year-old girl is kidnapped at gunpoint by a man in a ski mask. In the next chapter, her mother, Rachel, receives a phone call from the kidnappers. In order to get her daughter back, she has to pay a ransom and kidnap *another* child, then get that child’s parents to pay a ransom and kidnap a child. She is now part of The Chain, a kidnapping and ransom scheme run by some mysterious and dangerous third party.

Rachel, a single mom and breast cancer survivor, enlists the help of her brilliant, slightly unhinged, former military ex-brother-in-law, Pete. Together they race against the clock to meet the demands of The Chain. But the stakes keep getting raised, and Rachel wonders how far she’ll go—and what kind of person she’ll become—to save her daughter.

This book packs some serious adrenaline. Note to self: do not pick up thrillers about abducted children at 11pm and say you’ll “read just a couple chapters.” Famous last words, and all that, right? I was glued to the page for two hours and read the entire first half of the book. That’s when things finally slow down and you get a chance to catch your breath. But not for long! The stakes are raised again in the last third of the book, which ends with an action-packed climax.

This book was an absolute thrill ride. I loved watching Rachel struggle with the morality of her choices—is she a victim or is she now the perpetrator? I kept asking myself how far I would go to protect my own child. I also loved Pete, who reminded me of so many of the veterans I work with: tough, damaged, but completely committed to the ones he loves.

In short: strong characters, excellent plot, tight writing. Highly recommended for fans of action-packed thrillers. Loads of fun. Five stars from me!

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