Review: The Whisper Man

This book gets a huge WOW from me.

I requested this one on Netgalley simply based on the cover and title. They are both fantastic and drew me right in even though I was a little worried this would end up being a horror novel. I was pleasantly surprised that it really is not. This is essentially a crime novel (yay!) about a decades-old serial killer dubbed The Whisper Man who was caught and imprisoned years ago, but now there has been a resurgence of similar crimes.

The story is told from several points of view: a young widowed father and his precocious six-year-old son, a jaded detective, a bright-eyed newer detective, and the killer. I would call this creepy but not gory, with enough delightfully goose-bumpy moments to make it fun but not so much hat it gave me nightmares. Excellent pacing, solid writing, and some nice twists made this a huge winner for me.

I started it on Sunday afternoon intending to only read part of it, and ending up finishing at nearly midnight that night. Highly recommended for readers of crime fiction and thrillers who like to be lightly creeped out (but not too much). I thoroughly enjoyed my time with this book and am DYING to talk about it!

This releases August 20 and I predict, with this cover and that story, that we will be seeing it EVERYWHERE!

Big thanks to Netgalley and Celadon Books for the free digital copy in exchange for an honest review.

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