Review: The Helpline

Germaine Johnson is a socially-awkward mathematician who loses her job and ends up working a Senior Citizens helpline at City Hall. She prefers numbers to people and is always practical. When the mayor gives Germaine a “special project”, at first she’s thrilled to help, until she realizes that the mayor has plans to close the Senior Center. Germaine teams up with her newfound elderly friends to save their Center, and for the first time in her structured life, she realized that life can’t be measured with charts, figures, and numbers.

Germaine gave me major Eleanor Oliphaunt vibes, and I found myself chuckling at her worldview and cranky comments about the people in her life. This is a lighter reader than Eleanor, however, without the exploration of underlying trauma in that book. The Helpline is a quirky, light-hearted look at a unique character as she grows and changes throughout the novel.

Recommended for fans of Eleanor Oliphaunt and those who enjoy unique heroines and are looking for a light, feel-good read.

Released July 23!

Many thanks to Atria for the gifted copy.

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