Review: Breathe In, Cash Out

After binging on thrillers, this was a breath of fresh air! Allegra Cobb is a second-year analyst at a top-tier bank in Manhattan, working 100-hour weeks and dreaming of when she gets her end of year bonus and can quit to teach yoga, who meets a yoga mega-influencer who sees potential in her. Torn between her desire to make her beloved dad proud and her desire to do what she really loves, Allegra finds herself succeeding at nothing and more stressed than ever.

This was a surprise hit for me! Allegra’s voice is darkly funny and I found myself frequently chuckling out loud at her one-liners. The horrific work-life environment reminded me of all the worst parts of residency training. Vivid, quirky side characters and a sweet romance along with Allegra’s dry wit made this a winner for me. It’s mostly a story about Allegra finding herself, and I was happy to go along for the ride. The Devil Wears Prada for today’s twentysomething. I’m excited to see what Madeleine Henry writes next!

Thanks to Atria for my gifted copy!

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