Book Review: The Family Next Door by Sally Hepworth

This is my kind of book: women’s fiction with an edge of mystery and suspense to keep me turning pages. If you enjoy Liane Moriarty this is a great one to get your fix of domestic drama.

The story follows several women in suburban Melbourne, Australia. On the surface they’re all living perfectly ordinary lives, dealing with husbands and children and new babies. But it’s clear from the beginning that there’s something unusual beneath the surface of their lovely community, and when a new single woman moves in, the secrets and lies slowly begin to unravel.

I love any novel that can authentically depict marriage and motherhood in all its messy glory. The story alternates between multiple points of view, which I will admit made it difficult to sink deep into any one character’s mind. I appreciated the very real depiction of motherhood with a new baby: exhausted, overwhelmed, under appreciated. The characters felt like people you would know in real life…although there might be a smidge more drama than your average suburban community. But then again, how well do you really know your neighbor?

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