Book Review: The Wife by Alafair Burke

THE WIFE by Alafair Burke was my kindle read on my recent flight home from Orlando. The novel follows Angela, who is married to Jason, an economics professor-turned-cultural icon after the wild success of his book. When Jason is accused of sexual harassment by an intern, Angela finds herself in the unwanted position of not only standing by her husband but lying for him. And as the media and police attention on their marriage grows—and the plot thickens deliciously—Angela is terrified that her own long-buried secrets will come to light.

The story is smart, fast-paced, and tightly written. I was thrilled to see the author avoid the tropes we’ve seen too many times in domestic suspense. Burke has an extensive background in criminal law and it shows. The story feels authentic and timely and I had a difficult time putting it down until the very end. Luckily (??) my flight was delayed and I got to finish it! .

This is a plot-driven novel filled with detail about the criminal investigation and legal proceedings, but also had plenty of twists and turns to keep me engaged. If you like that type of book, definitely pick this one up! I tend to enjoy more character-driven novels (even in my suspense) so I must admit I found myself yearning for more insight into characters’ thoughts and feelings throughout the story. Still, a satisfying read and recommended!

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