Book Review: The Queen of Hearts by Kimmery Martin

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book and read the entire thing the day it released. I was hooked from the first chapter when we meet Zadie, a slightly frazzled but lovable physician mom of four who works three days a week. Because—guess what?—I am a slightly frazzled but lovable physician mom of four who works three days a week! I’ve never seen my life represented so closely in a novel, but you don’t have to be in the medical field to enjoy this story. It alternates between Zadie and Emma, her best friend from med school. Each woman has a distinctive voice and personality, and I wanted to become best friends with both of them. The present-day chapters are interspersed with chapters from their third year of med school, when a certain sexy chief resident, Dr. X, came into Zadie’s life. It’s obvious from the beginning that there’s a deep, dark secret associated with Dr. X. Now he’s back and both women must face the past while also dealing with parenting crises and various medical emergencies. When the secret finally comes out, it could end their friendship.
Entertaining, thoughtful, and heartwarming, this novel will to anyone who loves emotional women’s fiction that focuses on friendship between women, hilarious parenting hijinks, real-life marriage issues, and ethical dilemmas. It will also appeal to the gazillions of people who love medical drama, but the medical scenes are far more realistic than most because the author is a physician herself. Martin’s voice is at once funny and insightful, witty and warm. I ended the book with a huge happy sigh and immediately wanted to call my best friends and tell them I love them. Once you start make sure you clear your schedule because it’s tough to put down. Highly recommended!

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