Coming August 29, 2023

A psychological thriller exploring influencer culture, parasocial relationships, and the secrets we keep from those we love most.

Praise for Bradeigh Godfrey’s writing:

“As the tension builds, the book becomes nearly impossible to put down until the final twist…. The intrigue is beautifully written and…keeps the pages turning until the reader reluctantly reaches the end.”

The Gloss Book Club

Molly Sullivan is used to sharing intimate details of her life with millions of followers. A thirty-one-year-old single mom, she has built a career out of fearless posts about parenthood and dating. But when Molly shares a photo of her new fiancé, Scott, she is shocked by his negative reaction. For the sake of their relationship, Molly agrees to remove the post and keep Scott and his ten-year-old daughter out of her social media spotlight.

But it’s too late, someone has already recognized him. Liv Barrett is certain Scott’s the man who killed her sister and disappeared with her infant niece nine years ago. The police don’t believe her, so Liv takes matters into her own hands. Driving cross-country to Colorado, Liv uses Molly’s social media posts to orchestrate “accidental” meetings, slowly gaining her trust. Meanwhile, newlywed Molly begins to unpack boxes in her new home and discovers her husband has been lying about his past.

While Molly and Liv uncover secrets that have been buried deep for almost a decade, they have no idea that someone else saw the photo of Scott–someone who poses a threat more dangerous than either of them can imagine. Someone who is watching them from the shadows.

IMPOSTER – out now!

A psychological thriller exploring sisterhood, secrets, and the neuroscience of memory

An Apple Best Books of September

“Bradeigh Godfrey forges this unforgettable thriller from the intricacies of the human mind. Pulling from her own experience as a doctor…she grounds her debut novel in an unnerving sense of reality. Nothing in this exciting thriller is exactly as it seems.”

Apple Books editorial review

Lilian and Rosie were once the closest of sisters, but the untimely death of their parents pulled them apart. Now, three years on, Rosie has reached out to her big sister, asking to meet. While driving on an icy road in the middle of a snowstorm, Rosie admits that she has something important to tell Lilian–a secret she describes as a matter of life and death. But before she can tell Lilian, another car careers into theirs, with devastating consequences.

Lilian survives unscathed, but Rosie is left with. a traumatic brain injury, unable to communicate. Lilian is convinced that someone deliberately rammed Rosie’s car. But why? As Lilian begins to explore her sister’s past, she uncovers disturbing secrets that make her question if she ever really knew Rosie

The closer Lilian comes to the truth, the more danger she and Rosie find themselves in. But Lilian is certain of one thing: she abandoned her little sister once before and will never do it again. Even if it means sacrificing everything

Praise for Imposter

“As slick and slippery as a dark, icy road, IMPOSTER has it all…. Tense, immersive, and smart, this is a must read.” – Lisa Unger, New York Times Bestselling author of Last Girl Ghosted.

“Everything a psychological thriller should be: unsettling, totally immersive, and completely unpredictable… Spine-chillingly, jaw-droppingly good!” – Mary Kubica, New York Times bestselling author of Local Woman Missing

“The lines between reality and illusion blur as Imposter builds to an electrifying twist and action-packed ending.” – Wendy Walker, internationally bestselling author of All is Not Forgotten and Emma in the Night

“Brimming with gasp-worthy surprises, Imposter is my favorite kind of thriller: twisty, unsettling, and emotionally rich.” – Megan Collins, author of The Family Plot

“Emotionally chilling, twisty, and intense, Imposter is your new addiction!” – Jeneva Rose, bestselling author of The Perfect Marriage and One of Us is Dead

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